12th Power Strategy

for Traffic Wave and Residual Income!

See Our Matrix Accelerator Strategy

to Get 12 People Under You Fast!

Interactive Teams



1-2-3 4-5-6 7-8-9 10-11-12

Greg Nichols - Owner/Admin

You Build 12 People, Who Build 12 Too!

Enjoy Traffic Wave's 3 x 10 Forced Matrix,

and Use Our Plan to Fill the First 2 Levels!

Those 2 Levels Do the Same Thing, Giving

You 144 People, Who Then Also All Get 12, and So On!

Come in On a Team, and Later, Lead a Team of 12!

Greg Nichols here. Our strategy accelerates your matrix with us. You enter on an upline member's team of 12 and work with them to get their 12 as they help you get your first 3.  Your first 3 are potentially on their 2nd level, 3 of 9 people.  Once you have 3, you work with those 3 and your upline and you and your 3 people all work to get the 9 on your 2nd level. You then have the 12. This works. We show you every step to take to build a mega downline with Traffic Wave, working with others and getting mentoring helps from me to build a successful group. The blueprint to do it all is on a training page your receive from me. Plus, we rotate your links from admin for additional sign ups too! This costs $17.95 to begin, but you can get that back quickly with $17.95 for every referral, and $6 each monthly from your top 3 people which is $18 a month, enough to pay the $17.95 monthly. Join us and build a huge residual income in Traffic Wave's forced matrix with us, and build a multi-thousand person list that you can market all of your projects to!  Earn weekly, monthly and long term!  Right now, first come first serve, you can be on the newest team of 12 and above others who will follow you in our 12th Power Strategy. Power market with the synergy of 12 people to build long term residual income up to $88,500 monthly. As a new person, be on a team of 12, and when ready, after you have 3 people, start a team of 12. 
We Use the 12th Power Strategy and We Show You
Step by Step Exactly How to Implement It, So
You Get Your 3 and Those 3 Get Their 9 for Your 12!
The 12 Become Your Foundational 
Platform to Build Out the 88,000+ Matrix!
Spillover is Frequent with this Strategy!
These top 3 each pay you $6!


These 9 are your 2nd level!  


We train these 12 people to repeat the process!

Proceed to see more details and to join us!
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