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Progressive Income System

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Marketing Mentoring Funding Teaching Precious Metals Real Estate Flips

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Greg Nichols - Owner/Mentor

Hi, Greg Nichols here.  I am an Internet marketer and web entrepreneur just like you and I would like to share with you mentoring in many areas, but especially for Internet marketing, to get leads and sales from time honored principles and marketing using this product!  This is a simple system of cash flow that also introduces you to more products for even bigger cash flow. I have been marketing online since the 1990's.  If you have had trouble referring, and have always gravitated to passive projects because of that, or, if you are a top referrer, I have a cash flow system that anyone can use to make serious money, if, you can copy and paste and follow a few instructions.  

We have 3 diverse products to increase you in income and wealth.  This first product trains in marketing and is also an overview of the other 2 products which mentor to build wealth and income.  This is while also earning PayPal income too for our affiliate plan here.

Product 1:  $39.95  (Page you are at) The entry product of the page you are on now is an overview of all the products with some teaching and helps from each one.  The information and training and mentoring gets more into detail as you upgrade.  You get 5% funding commission with this product.

Product 2:  $139.95  Advice and helps on precious metal investing and tips on acquiring gold and silver quite cheaply. From Greg's 40 year career as real estate broker and investor, we also share much on real estate investment and flipping, even without money or good credit.  Earn $90 PayPal payments while learning.  You get 10% funding commission with this product.

Product 3:  $295  Then, find out how to be in the funding business to provide funds to people for income!  We show you about venture capital, angel investors, factoring of money and more, and you can bring in deals for huge payouts, and be affiliate brokers with us. We are not talking about crowd funding, we mean learning to be a funding broker. Earn massive $206 PayPal payments while you learn from us.  You get 30-40% funding commission with this product.

You can literally explode this with our marketing training. You get 65% commission on every sale of this first phase.  That is $25 per payout. How many of these can you sell?  Unlimited. Then upgrade too.  3 sales here per day is $75 a day. But you can upgrade also to higher commissions of $90 and $206 and your customers follow you in upgrading.  

There are millions of people searching for a way to earn online, and offline, and we have basic online marketing mentoring for you to share with these people. Unemployment is huge, and there are solutions, and American Payday Services is one of them. This is a reseller program of 1 level, which is marketed using a click link strategy by JV Zoo and the mentoring of Greg Nichols, myself.  There are more higher Phases to buy to increase your weekly pay at PayPal! 

Frequent PayPal Payouts is Like Panning Gold Online!

You get 65% of every sale that you refer through JV Zoo. 

Our Products:

Learn marketing ideas and techniques!

Learn to find Silver and Gold for Pennies on the Dollar!

See how to Flip Houses for Profit, with no Cash or Credit!

See how to fund things and people and learn funding concepts.

Inside in the back office are the strategies, yes, more than one, to use this system. Also inside is how to set up a system, where to advertise, ads to use, solo ad helps, traffic exchange helps, etc. and also upgrading information on our progressive marketing. We market knowledge and marketing understanding from a seasoned marketer. We have a 5 day money back guarantee.  Once inside, you set up a sales link with JV Zoo and we show you how to use Facebook and other methods to get it out there on the net. We can show you how to market to the whole world on Facebook.  

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American Payday Services

5 day money back guarantee!

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