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(Read all of this before acting on it.) This product is $39.95, and your commission is $25.96, which is 65% of the price. Clickbank takes a small processing fee from your commission, and from Admin also. You may resell this product for us through Clickbank. Go to this site to create your "Real Asset Investment" Clickbank link!  You may first need to register for free at Clickbank if you are not a Clickbank member at this site. You can earn 65% of the price of our product, if someone clicks on your link and purchases one. 


Once you get your URL, send people to us through that URL. We have a free sales campaign to enhance your sales which is free. Contact us at to get more information. Sales can happen immediately or 6 months later.  How is that possible?  Anyone you send has a computer cookie inserted in their computer, it is a common practice, and if they come back, at any time within a year, they buy from you and you get the credit.

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Many have made unexpected sales by simply using the Clickbank URL as a signature line in their routine emailing marketing or normal emails, thereby earning a passive, effortless extra income.  Simply install the encrypted Clickbank URL in the default section of your email program with a phrase like, "Get mentored to create wealth through real estate, precious metals, crypto-currency, or creative entertainment concepts using ideas of your own for the entertainment industry and earn wealth in that industry!"  (Add Your Clickbank URL here!)