The 12th Power Strategy

Video: Greg Nichols, Owner/Admin, 3 minutes long

12th Power Strategy - More Than a Team Build!

YOU  0
Your 3 Positions 
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Their 3 - Your 9 Positions
0 0 0   0 0 0   0 0 0

You enter a 12 person team in one of these spots!

Your 12 person team starts right then!

Your 12 person team builds 12 more teams!

You build with the team's help!

No team quotas at all!

We use Traffic Wave firm as the vehicle to our team project!

There is a spill over/under flow here, and an

organizational flow that will come in under you too!

Every moment you hesitate, people join above you!

See all strategic details and join here! 

We are International!

Team Leader #3 - Email us at 

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