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Hi, Greg Nichols here. That is my wife Deborah and I pictured above. Thanks for visiting our site. Below you will find many dynamic Biblical teachings and resources from our background as ministers and teachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As you look over what we share, consider the value to your faith and your ability to be creative and think outside the box, and explore ways that God can help you with your business, your income, your life, your family, your marriage and much much more! You are currently at this website if you wish to share it with someone.

About Photizo12! 

Photizo12: This is a mentoring and discipling system we use to reach people and help them to become more successful, more full of faith and more solid in their lives. This word and number photizo12 was given to me by God. Photizo is a Greek word that means to enlighten, to light up, to bring light, to render evident. It is found from Paul in Ephesians 1, "...the eyes of your understanding being enlightened...(verse 18a) (the eyes of your understanding being photizo-ed)  Why number 12?  That is how many people Jesus gathered as a core and officially mentored for about 3 years. 12 disciples. Imagine if every believer in Christ photizoed 12 persons over a long time period. The Great Commission says to "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,...teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you..." Matthew 28:19-20. Deborah and I are teachers and part of our calling is to teach and train the Body of Christ. This is photizo. Our channel name on YouTube and Truth Social is Photizo12. We have an email address with the word Photizo. We have a business entity called Photizo Publishing and Productions. I shared all this with you so that you know the meaning of it if you see the word photizo used by us in the future. If you want to see how to trigger miracles of health, finance and much more, then stick with us for awhile. 

FREE OFFERS: Currently, we have a free e-book called, "God is Light!"  This fascinating Biblical teaching is about science, God's light, our light, and the glory of God.  Sci-fi, science, Einstein's theories and much, much more are discussed. By ordering the e-book for free, it also subscribes you to Photizo12 Ezine, an online and inspiring, routine, emailed Ezine with many exciting teachings. Go to this link to order the free Ezine and e-book!

Although most of what we offer is free as a seed for you and your family, if you wish to donate to our ministry to help us expand it worldwide with the message of the cross, the glory, healing and deliverance, as well as the mysteries of God's Kingdom, you may do so at this link: PayPal:

Share this site only with friends or loved ones who you wish to bless or minister to: You are currently at this website if you wish to share it with someone. (Sharing this link allows them to to subscribe to our resources.)

See the video below where Greg shares an incredible and detailed story of financial breakthrough from the Bible. Greg shares how to explode your financial projects through God's Kingdom and your faith. (10 minute video)


Here is some Biblical Symbolism: Addiction is the bondage in Egypt, the addicted person is the children of Israel, Jesus is Moses, the devil is Pharaoh, Moses' rod is our faith filled words, the exodus is the person's deliverance, the Red Sea is the cleansing of the sin, including baptism, maintaining one's freedom is driving out the inhabitants of the land, and total permanent healing and freedom is Canaan, flowing with milk and honey and non addictive pleasures, such as the glory and the blessings of God, and good relationships. ** We share information in this ezine to help you use your faith in all areas of your life, including addictions. God would have you and all of the rest of us free in Him, in Christ.  You will never be free until you believe that you are free. And part of believing is saying. Read Mark 11:23-24.  Those are Jesus' words. Say out loud now, "I am free. I have no addiction. Jesus has set me free." Believe it. Believe your words. Take them into your heart. Say them everyday.  (Many more truths will be shared in the ezine weekly.)

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